💳Staking & Revenue Sharing


Blackhole offers a staking feature, where holders can stake their tokens and receive revenue share (in the form of more tokens) as rewards.

Revenue sharing

75% of the revenue taken from Blackhole fees will be shared proportionally to $BLH holders that staked at least 0.5% of their tokens. Revenue will be shared in $BLH tokens and will be commenced periodically.


The revenue share system operates on a unique mechanism, which we like to call the "blackhole" concept. In this model, revenue is derived from fees generated by user interactions with the Blackhole bot. As such, user engagements will contribute to the overall income and healthy environment of the bot. Simultaneously, the development team executes periodic buybacks from the token tax.

The buyback mechanism involves the developer team repurchasing $BLH tokens from the market using funds collected through a dedicated token tax. This creates a rotating cycle: as users interact with bots, generating revenue, a portion of that income is channeled into the "blackhole" for token buybacks, reminiscent of the rotating blackhole we know of.

The revenue, denominated in $BLH tokens, is distributed periodically to holders that staked at least 0.5% of their tokens in predefined intervals. This system not only incentivizes user engagement with the platform but also provides ongoing support for the token value through strategic buybacks, fostering a sustainable and dynamic ecosystem for all stakeholders involved.

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